osCommerce Easy Populate

While developing eCommerce Shops, the most delicate work is to upload, edit or modify the products and their description. We have to modify or upload them manually everytime and for this we have to go through the web interface and its processes. It takes lots of efforts and time. But we can reduce the efforts [...]

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osCommerce security:List of contributions and small code snippets

This post list contributions and small code snippets for osCommerce security enhancement. After doing some research on various forums, practical problem solving and referring few documents we have compiled this   1.Permissions: If site is not under development mode and very few edits are expected then we recommend all .php and.js files to be set [...]

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Virus Cleaning and Prevention in osCommerce:

What virus /Malware do? In an osCommercesite a virus malware do the following: Create a form ask unnecessary to fill confidential data like order detail or paypal detail. Once someone fills these details, those details will be emailed to third party for misused Creating link of website for creating traffic for those link Using redirector [...]

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osCommerce Security

To prevent site hacking by hackers you have to do following few steps. Rename the admin directory Add .htaccess protection to the admin directory Also add .htacess for protecting the catalog directory Also delete the admin/filemanger.php and associated link of that file Also delete the admin/define_language.php file and it's all linksFor maintaining the security of [...]

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