Virus Cleaning and Prevention in osCommerce:

What virus /Malware do?
In an osCommercesite a virus malware do the following:

  • Create a form ask unnecessary to fill confidential data like order detail or paypal detail. Once someone fills these details, those details will be emailed to third party for misused
  • Creating link of website for creating traffic for those link
  • Using redirector for redirecting the customer to other site
  • Using iframe to display some unauthorized detail with a link to wesite

So basically there are two objectives

  • Steal data
  • Divert traffic to another website

Different ways in which hackings are achieved.

  • SQL injection
  • Modify .htaccess and writing the error 404 rules or rewrite rules
  • Place some javascript
  • Placing .php or other files to execute and modify other files

How to make out what is wrong?
Downloade all the code and check for,

  • External links
  • javascript code having eval in it
  • check your .htaccess file
  • checking image folder and other folder
  • check permission is 777 or writing permission
  • use some scanning references to check for valueval pass and analyze code
  • check your error log
  • check your access log

Prevention basically includes three things.

  • Your site itself
  • Password of software used to upload content on site
  • And your Computer from where content is being upload

How does one protect its site?

  • Ensuring that all third party scripts or tools used on site should have latest security updates or should be asked to hosting company to do so
  • Delete unwanted folders, files, scripts and services those are no more in use
  • Occasionally change the password of the software used to upload content to the site

Use strong password

  • Appropriate file permissions to be given
  • Disable file manager from admin
  • Site admin should be password (.htaccess) protected
  • Keep the computer used for site’s upload and download activities should be up-to-date with all necessary operating system updates and a strong antivirus with all latest updates


  • It is always recommended, not to keep a soft copy of site access details on computer
  • A regular code and database backup should be taken
  • There is few security add-ons are available in osCommerce that should be installed on the site
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