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While developing eCommerce Shops, the most delicate work is to upload, edit or modify the products and their description. We have to modify or upload them manually everytime and for this we have to go through the web interface and its processes. It takes lots of efforts and time.

But we can reduce the efforts and time for this by using Easy Populate. Through Easy Populate, we can upload, Modify, or change the Products and their details without going through the processes involved with web interface. All we have to do is to maintain a file. The Contribution provided by osCommerce by default supports text file which should be tab seperated, but we can also work with other files as CSV (Comma-Separated Value) after doing some modifications with Easy populate.

We can either create new file to upload products, if they are not present. Or can download a file with their details if we want to update the existing one, and then can modify their details in text file. Also we can add if we want to add some new products in it. After modifying and adding, we can further upload the file which will update the existing products and add the new one.

Following points to be taken care of, at time of working with Easy Populate:-

  1.  Check temp directory exists or not and is it having proper File Permission or not.
  2.  Headers Should be properly named (as we can distinguish products and their details through Headers).
  3.  Required Fields Should be present wherever Mandatory.
  4.  Special Characters Should not exist in File(if present, Patches to be applied to work with).
  5.  Character length for Product Models, Categories name, URL, etc. must not be too long.
  6.  File Format and File Extension.(Should be tab Seperated and should have .txt as extension).
  7.  Category Names should Match exactly as they are used in site.
  8.  List of osCommerce Standard length Constraints.
    • 1:Product URL – 64 Char
    • 2:Product Model – 25 Char
    • 3:Product Image – 64 Char
    • 4:Product Name – 64 Char
    • 5:Category Name – 64 Char
    • 6:Manufacturar Name – 64 Char
  9.  File Size Constraints.
  10.  The Configured value of a server required for uploading file, should be Proper.
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